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Good Gift

Very good, even tough the animation is the "fancy" is a very good gift
I hope she liked it

SuperAscendedZAIN responds:

Yes, she did. The only real fancy animation was the twirling box.. and the writing of the letters. That part took me the most time..
glad you liked it~


You could use this and the other videos, like this one, u made/make and get them altogether in one single flash. I like the idead =D

good flash


maybe if the dialogues were more readable it would be better, but the animation is not bad =D

narutosMASTA responds:

hmmmm...ill see wat i can do.

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cara, o jogo divertidinho e tal, mas tem seus defeitos,
primeiro que a lingua no newgrounds é Ingles, então vc deveria ter posto opçoes de moudar o idioma, ou legendas.
outra coisa eh q o gráfico é fraco, poderia ser mais bem trabalhado.
a ideia também não eh muito original, então as outras questões pesam bastante

Man, the game is fun and all, but has it's problems,
First, the language on newgrounds is english, so you should have put options to change it, or subtitles.
another thing: the graphics are weak, you could have work a little bit more on them,
and the idea is not that original, so the other problems weight a lot

blackvenom1985 responds:

pois e
na conversao para swf as fotos ficaram em nagativo nao sei pq
valeu pelas dicas ae


This is the one game that I can call my favorite in newgrounds, for real
the way every new level comes with a new challenge, and yet the idea is always the same, makes it simple to play and challenging, all these levels and possibilities, really nice game. I am yet to finish it, but every time a play I enjoy it little more

I liked the 1 better

This game is a good standart defense game, it has the towers
the upgrades, the monsters and bosses, the levels evolve just like the others
but that is the problem...
the good thing about xeno tactics is that is not avarage, it was supposed to be better than the others, and the 1 gave us that one opportunity of "makeing" the battlefield and using it our own way, to guide our enemies to their doom. This one lacks the freedom of use of the battlefield, and then lacks the fun we were waiting =/.
Please, don't get me wrong: the game is good, the graphics are awesome, never seen another defense game with sucj graphics, but the one thing I was waiting for is not there

I really hope I helped, and I look forward to a xeno tactics III, if there is ever going to be one.

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Very good, Probably the best music I heard in newgrounds!!


relaxing and good, i liked it, good work

Cosmos8942 responds:

Mmm...its not done yet! rawr XD. Slowly but surely getting this done. But it is a race against the clock in this case as I am going to have to get this done BEFORE I leave. Otherwise you people are going to be waiting for about eight weeks before I will be able to get going again.

Thanks though o.o :D,

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I clicked this image at the art portal. When i realised it was a comic, i thought of just closing the tab, but instead i read it, and did not regret. I can see that you didn`t make this out of nothing, just to "test your skills" you had something in mind and you made it visible, didn`t keep it to yourself. With your drawing skills you made something known. Very goodjob, I'm not giving it a 5 for the drawing (which is pretty good, but not the focus of my avaliation) I'm giving it for the resolve and for the story, which is real for a lot of people, but not all of them talk about it, or make it visible to others.

Morthagg responds:

Thanks for taking the time to read it! I can't make it out of your text if you know or not, but all my comics from Dork Toes are autobiographical. It's weekly thing I have done or had happen, and this is one of it, the reading girl is me. It indeed made for a good story, and I thought I could make it visually interesting, so that's one of the resons I did it in two parts.

cool shit

o.o what did you use to make it?
seems really cool

used a real gas mask? does it work?

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

No, it's strictly cosmetic, the goggles are for swimming, there's no filters in the mask, it's not really sealed when on your face. If it were real though it'd be uncomfortable, suffocating really.

I used a dust mask to make the basic shape, added cardboard to that to shape, covered it all in tape, used parts on a broken belt to make the straps.

Hey! Very good!!

Very good, really. the background, the movement feeling, the character itself, very good. I liked the way you did the lights and the positions. Everything here fits just where it should.

deebznutz responds:

thanks i believe that some times the background is what sells the picture

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